Susan and Joseph

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Our Story

It began with love all. Because that’s how a tennis match starts.
On a late summer’s day in 2008 Susan, along with her friend from the tennis team, Jenni, and a lawn gnome wanted to practice for their upcoming tennis season. Needing a fourth person to play a doubles match, Jenni brought her older brother Joe since he also played during his time in high school.
It being a rivalrous first meeting between the two, someone had to come out the winner. And while the Teschs may have won the match it was Ms. Susan Zimmerman who left her mark on the day by hitting Joe with her left-handed power serve.
Undeterred by this striking first impression, Joe invited “Lefty” to his weekly night of cards with his friends. It was here through hands of 31, endless movie quotes, and cans of Schlitz their affection for one another grew and on February 12, 2009 Joe and Susan officially started dating.
Between those early days and now they have shared many adventures. They’ve gone on trips both near and far- up north for weekends at the cabin and trips to Colorado, Utah, and Florida. They adopted their dog, George, together and have raised him to be the lovable goofball that he is today. Joe and Susan have also kept their athletic side alive by going to countless baseball games, kayaking, and golfing as much as possible. It was, in fact, on the golf course where Joe proposed on June 13, 2021.
Now Joe and Susan can’t wait to celebrate their wedding with their loved ones around them. Because as it began- so it will continue… with love.